Understanding the debt guidelines can help you manage your finances and avoid slowly sinking into the slippery, dark abyss of consumer debt.   Mastering your spending habits can save you tens of thousands on interest by securing a better mortgage rate, better credit card rates, and less paid on interest and penalties on all forms of debt!  Utilizing tools such as a budget and a spending tracker will also assist you in not frittering away your future at the coffee house.

If you know you have high debt – I CAN HELP!  Below are 3 resources you can download for free to help you get your debt under control (which will also increase your credit score). 
Debt Analysis Appointment – this 30-minute phone consultation will allow you to describe exactly where you are now and where you would like to be.  I can explain exactly what steps you need to take to manage your debt without damaging your credit.
Budget Tracker – Need a less public way than appearing on the TV show “Til Debt Do Us Part” to find out where all your money is going each month?  Download our free budget tracker tool.  Follow the simple instructions and if you have any questions – I’m only a call away.
Debt Reduction Calendar – This awesome tool will show you how to create a debt reduction strategy that really works.  Get on the right side of interest (earn it rather than pay it) with this handy tool.
Dealing with Debt e-Course – This course will help you analyze your debt and set you up with all the above-mentioned tools you need to beat down your debt, track your spending and create a budget that will get you earning interest instead of paying it!

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