Credit Issues

Poor Credit Can Be Repaired – And Good Credit Can Be Improved!

It’s true!  Most folks have NO IDEA how a credit score is created!  In fact, I meet people every day who are unpleasantly surprised by their credit score and SHOCKED at the things that they could do to improve their score if they had only known!

Below are 3 different resources dedicated to helping you understand, improve and repair your credit score (and not one of them costs a cent!). 

CREDIT 911* is a quick checklist of ideas to help you understand how credit scores are derived.  If you just need a quick overview, this is the resource for you.

If you have more serious credit issues take my free CREDIT REPAIR e-COURSE*. It is delivered by email and walks you step by step through the credit repair process and gets you on your way to improving your credit history and score.

Not sure?   No problem, click the Credit Analysis* option.  I will help you obtain your credit report in a way that won’t reduce your credit score and I’ll analyze it with you to show you exactly where you are losing credit points, and how to get them back.*

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*I am not a Certified Credit Counselor and the information offered in this website is general knowledge which has been organized for you. It does not guarantee results, it provides common information and tools only. If you require the service of a Certified Credit Counselor, please contact one directly.